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I'm Andre Benoit (He/Him/His), and am a Registered Psychologist. Thank you for visiting my site Deep Roots Therapies.

Are you feeling stressed, depressed, worried, angry, or anxious? Does your schedule feel full, but part of you feels lost, empty, or unsatisfied? Have you experienced trauma or PTSD or other mental health conditions? Do you struggle with your sleep, focus, being with others, or finding joy? Or is it even hard to describe what you are struggling with?

I have over 8 years of diverse clinical experience, and I am a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. My holistic approach works to increase your self-acceptance, and challenge unproductive thought/behavior patterns in your life. I also use intuitive sensory-based forest therapy techniques for supporting your wellness, and well-being.

Since comfort and fit are so important, phone or email me to schedule a free 45 minute consultation. This will allow us to explore what your specific goals for therapy are, a sense of what I can offer, as well as an overview of the therapy process. All with no commitment required. I can be reached at 403.354.0423 or

Appointment Availability:

In-Person- Monday and Wednesday Evenings after 5pm at 840-700 4 Ave. SW

Virtual- Tuesday Evening, Friday and Saturday Mornings

Contact me to find out more details. 

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