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Psychology Session

Neurodivergent Skills Training

Helping you thrive in a beautiful, sometimes confusing world

Whether or not you were formally diagnosed or you self-identify as neurodivergent (e.g., ADHD, Learning, Autistic), Deep Roots Therapies offers a variety of strategies to help in school, work, relationships, or day-to-day living. This includes ways to help manage life stress demands and overwhelm, minimizing avoidance and isolation, as well as discovering a persons's strength's and resilience, advocating for environmental changes to meet each person's unique needs. 


This can broadly include (1) access to and salient educational information on what it means to be neurodivergent, (2) discussion of websites, books, social media and other important resources from the neurodivergent community, (3) strategies to increase your emotional awareness, (4) Identifying thoughts and thinking patterns, (5) naming and connection with sensory preferences, (6) social skills and relationship resources (e.g., boundary setting), (7) time management and executive-functioning (EF) resource tools.

Being neurodivergent simply means you are different. Not better or worse. It's time to help discover ways you can respond rather than react to life. Dare to know and ask for what you need from others. Who knows how well you may be surprised...

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