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What to expect in therapy with me..

Reaching out for help can be a challenging thing to do. Therapy can seem like a mystical or confusing process.


My approach to therapy will allow you a space to share your thoughts, feelings, and what's bothering you as well as effective strategies to help you not only feel better in session, but respond better in your daily life.

My approach may feel less directive than other therapists. But you can expect me to listen without judgement, provide homework and skills development strategies for you between sessions, as well as incorporate health promoting activities (e.g., heathy eating, exercise, time in nature, meditation). 

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The Secret to Success in therapy is...

FIT. Fit between your goals, and the therapist's knowledge, approach and communication style. My style may not fit with you and that's fine. I offer a free 45-minute consultation for you to get initial vibes on this. Do not hesitate to ask questions, or communicate your needs/goals. As therapists we know techniques, but it's you that knows yourself best and whether or not something is or is not working for you.  

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