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Psychological Assessments

Is your child struggling to complete their schoolwork? Are they always behind in a particular subject like Math or English? Do teachers often comment on acting out behaviours in the classroom?

Most often when children are struggling in school it is not because they do not care or are not working or trying hard enough. In many cases it can be because their brain processes information in ways which make learning and regulating their behaviour more difficult than their peers. 

As parents, one way to support them is to complete a psychological assessment with a registered psychologist with proper training, knowledge and experiences. This can help identify (1) Your child's strengths and challenges, (2) Learn how their own brain processes information best, and (3) How to communicate this with their teacher and other school team members. 

Myself and those who I work with at RiverWest Therapy Collective have extensive experience, offer flexible scheduling, competitive rates, and most importantly, personalized services.  

Psychological Assessment Services: About Me
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