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My practice artfully blends evidence-based psychotherapy treatment approaches, with intuitive, sensory-focused mindfulness meditation and land-based healing including:

-Connecting with one’s own thoughts, feelings and emotions

-Connecting with others in ways that feels safe and nourishing

-Connecting with nature and the more-than-human world

-Connecting with an understanding of our unique brain learning and cognitive needs


This can translate into:


*Assessment and Treatment of Adults who struggle with “childhood” conditions including ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders

*Individual or Group Guided Yoga Nidra Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

*Individual or Group Guided Nature and Forest Therapy Walks and Retreats

*Individual and Couples Therapy to help build skills to identify our thoughts, feelings and emotions and see how they can be tools to allow us to show up for ourselves and others.

As a Psychologist, three core beliefs which inform how I practice include:

  • I believe that therapy should not last forever- If a person is open, ready and willing to do some work, there is no limit to the changes or insights a person can experience. 

  • I believe that although therapy can be painful, and feel like work at times, there can also be humour, lightness, and dare I say fun.

  • I believe that symptoms and diagnostic terms can generally be helpful. However,  they in themselves are not a clear link to effective treatment goals. Therefore, I use specificity, openness and curiosity to work to identify treatment goals that are clear, and positively framed. 

If this has sparked questions for you or you are wanting to book an appintment, feel free to follow the link below to email me. 

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