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Psychological Assessments


Autism or ASD Assessments

Do you struggle with in your relationships? Do you often feel overwhelmed by the emotions, struggle to name emotions? Do you get overwhelmed by certain sensations or sensory information? 


ADHD/Learning Disability Assessments

AKA 'Psychoed Assessment' is an in-depth assessment of a factors which contribute to a person's learning, school, and daily functioning abilities. These include measures of IQ, achievement, executive functioning (EF), and social emotional functioning. Findings (including any formal diagnoses) are summarized and presented in an easy to read report to help develop learning strategies and supports which foster success.


Giftedness Assessments

Giftedness refers to an intellectual ability (FSIQ) or General Ability Index (GAI) in the range of 130 (+/-5). Testing is used to determine admittance into 'Gifted' Education programs.






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